What's the best way to send my Portrait mode photo to my computer?

Great question! There are a few ways to send your Portrait mode photo(s) to your computer (without stripping the photos of their embedded depth data).

Here are some suggested ways:

  • Using the native iOS Apple Mail App to send the photos to yourself via email (at full resolution) 
  • AirDropping the photo from your phone to your Mac.
  • Syncing your iCloud photo album
  • Using a Google Drive folder with the Google Drive app, to upload the photos
  • Using the Dropbox app on your iPhone

Choose the way that works best for you personally. Emailing photos becomes cumbersome when you want to send a dozen to pull into your Looking Glass Portrait. If you're pulling your photos onto a PC, AirDropping is off the table.

The most important takeaway from this step is that you must make sure that you choose an avenue that retains the embedded depth map.

For a full tutorial on this process, find that here.

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