How do I force HoloPlay Studio to use my dedicated GPU?

On windows, a lot of laptops and desktops have two graphics processors. An integrated graphics processor is usually lower power and part of the CPU. A dedicated graphics card is a separate processor from the CPU, usually from Nvidia or AMD. Windows makes it a bit difficult to choose which applications you want to run on which processor. In this case we want HoloPlay Studio to run on the dedicated graphics card. This will give you better performance during syncing and playback, and has resolved a handful of issues that can pop up when using integrated graphics. 

For computers with Nvidia graphics processors open the Nvidia Control Panel from your start menu. 

Once you have Nvidia Control Panel Open, click on Manage 3D settings and then select Program Settings. You'll then need to click Add and select HoloPlay Studio. Once you've done that you can choose High-performance NVIDIA processor from the drop down. Once you've done that you should be all set, open up HoloPlay Studio and sync! 

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