How do I reset my Looking Glass Portrait to factory settings with the original demo reel?

Note that this is only recommended as an experimental workaround. 

Your Looking Glass Factory ships with a set of demo content pre-loaded into the storage of your unit. This playlist is factory calibrated and unique to your Looking Glass Portrait only. 

Whether you are on a PC or Mac, when you connect your Looking Glass Portrait up to Desktop mode, you will see an external storage drive pop up with your Looking Glass Portrait Serial # 

Above is the condition of your Looking Glass Portrait external storage drive on a fresh unit that hasn't yet synced content from HoloPlay Studio. 

To start syncing your own content into HoloPlay Studio, you will get hit with this note: 

Hitting "Accept" will rewrite your Looking Glass Portrait's Standalone Mode demos and load your Looking Glass Portrait with a new playlist. 

If you want to reset your Looking Glass Portrait to factory settings with the original demo playlist, follow these steps below:

  1. If you're still in Desktop Mode, close HoloPlay Studio 
  2. Head to your Finder / Windows Explorer (if you're using a PC)
  3. Open the External Storage and identify the new pieces of content that you've synced as well as two files named playlist.json and playlist.m3u.
  4. Delete these files

  5. Switch over to Standalone Mode, the original Demo Playlist should be reset. 
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